2005-2009 – english


THE TEACHERS 2006 – 2009:
Moira: I am looking very much forward to teach at European Wintercamp for the third time and meet all those lovely people again, that are very close to my heart! Besides teaching at witchcamps I facilitate two year-long trainings for upcoming Reclaiming teachers and priestesses, workshops, season-feasts and other rituals for more than ten years. I have been also very active in the European Reclaiming community building-process and enjoy to feel, how our network becomes stronger and stronger. I live in a witches-house in a Faerywood in Northern Germany with two cats, a growing community around and many visitors from abroad.

Morgaine: “Time ago I heard the call to get people together to live „tribe“. Since 1988 I am a Reclaiming witch, assisting witchcamps in Germany (where I come from) and Avalon in the past and nowadays organizing and teaching at Loreleycamp and Wintercamp in Spain, which is the country of my heart and family. I want to serve with what I learnt abroad and bring to reality this call creating space to form community and a big spiritual family. I am thankful to Red Path, the Lakota tradition, where I learnt what means working together to create tribe life. I’m working with natural medicine and healing in a little town near Madrid/Spain, where I live with my kids. I am very happy about the two SPIRAL groups in two towns, where we are starting to work with the Reclaiming tradition.

SECOND EUROPEAN RECLAIMING WINTERCAMP IN SPAIN, FEBRUARY 2006 GODDESS AWAKENS THE WORLD – A CREATION STORY, RETOLD BY STARHAWK “…When we journey toward the Goddess with our dance, our music, our songs, our drums, when we travel to our quiet places or our wild places, we feel her breath in our cells, that tingle of life we share. Life comes from life, life calls to life, life goes on” (from “Creation”, a story by Diane Baker) Come and join us for a travel into the wilderness – inside and outside… Connect with the elements of nature, that nourish our work with the powers of creation, letting go, transformation and being reborn. Camp will take place at a beautiful spot in the midst of a forest in Spain. We will tell the “Creation”-Story and explore its energies. Techniques from wilderness-awareness-training help us to expand our consciousness and to come into contact with the wild in a very direct and deep way. Be with us and our friends from the lovely Spanish community, celebrate the beauty of the green earth, awe, wonder and ecstasy!

Birth, initiation, love, repose and death Come to European Wintercamp at an enchanted place in the Gredos mountains, around 2 hours travel away from Madrid.. Enjoy simplicity, precious wilderness, wonderful people and a lovely community. Dance with the sun, moon and stars as well as with each other, connect with your own divinity and celebrate ecstasy! This years’ story will be the journey and dance of the moon and sun, which is mirrored in the cycle of the seasons and the stages of our life: Birth, initiation, love, repose and death. We will connect with these powers and experience them intensely in order strengthen and heal ourselves, our connections with each other, the natural world and the earth. We will also find out what we have to let go in order prepare for the new that will come into our life – may it be a child, a new work, parting or death of a beloved person,… We will find out which tools we can use in order the meet these challenges. Together we will build alliances that support and nourish our soul as well as our communities and the web of life!

FOURTH RECLAIMING WINTERCAMP from 28th of february until 3rd of march 2008 SNOWHITE: Magical story, magical movement, magical dance
Come and join us in the magnificant wilderness of the Gredos mountains. See and feel the beauty of this enchanted place, hear the cry of eagles, smell the earth, find a real dwarfs house in the woods, enjoy delicious food and lovely company…Become part of our story! On the surface Snow White is just another fairy-tale about self-betrayal and being betrayed by others that is so familiar to us. Together we will go through it and dive deeper, where we drink from the well of rememberance, establish a nourishing relationship with the elements and ancient god/esse/s and find our zest for life… We touch our ancient knowledge through trance and divination, gain access to our life-power with bodywork, celebrate extatic ritual in community and dance – out of old patterns that do not serve us anymore – into what we truely are, can and want to be… Bodywork and dancing-movements can later be integrated into our daily life, support our spiritual practice and become part of it, if we wish. The techniques are also suitable and working for people whose ability to move and dance is limited..

FIFTH RECLAIMING WINTERCAMP from 6th until 9th of march 2009 with the story THOMAS THE RHIMER: Choose your path – ¿broad, narrow or bended?
Follow the way of Thomas into the Faery Realm. There are many surprises and wonders, there is much to experience and explore. You can establish a relationship with the wonderful Faery Queen herself and become inspired by her wisdom. You will learn to see with new eyes and learn about your special gifts. You will find out how to use them in order to heal yourself, your relationships, your community and the earth. As a traveller on the the way of the heart and truth, you will be able to build strong connections and alliances with others who also follow this path. We can expect good weather and work mostly outside at this beautiful, wild place with nature-meditation-techniques, storytelling, trance, singing, drumming, ritual, painting, tarot, exercises from the Reclaiming and Feri-Traditions, methods from the Healing Powers of Dance and much more…In the afternoons you are invited to deepen your experiences in your affinity-group, train and express your special skills during the optional offerings. Or perhaps you feel called to contribute to one of our rituals. There is a lot of space for sponaneity, creativity, hugs, kisses, laughter and fun! Under ancient trees the faerie-people are dancing and singing… look into their shining eyes… Can you see them smiling?… Do your hear their laughter?… Their call? They are whispering… They are waiting… Will you come?