2011 – english

18 – 21 March 2011 – with Morgaine and Peti Songcatcher from Germany

Share a weekend in community, to sow the seeds for the new year together. We will work with a story that is still between the worlds… We will tell you more soon! Come celebrate the end of winter in a forest of old chestnut trees in the Gredos Mountains, where the fire is lit to live as a tribe!

Camp language will be Spanish and English with translation. We do speak German as well. Information and Application: morgaine.magiacelta@yahoo.es


  • Arrival FRIDAY
    • 18 – 20.00, pot luck supper
    • 21.00 Opening and sharing circle, cast the circle
    • 10 – 14.00 Workshop
    • 14 – 16.00 Lunch, followed by affinity groups sharing
    • 17.00 Workshop “Chant and Movement as a Ritual Tool”,
    • Dinner 20.30 Spring Ceremony. We will enter into the channel of Goddess Eoster, in Her magic power to waken the seeds of creation..
    • SUNDAY: 10.00 Breakfast, sharing circle and opening the magic circle. People who need to travel on Sunday can do so after lunch.
      • 14.00 Lunch, followed by affinity group sharing.
      • 16.00 Workshop
      • 19.30 Dinner, followed by preparing the Bonfire of the Eoster Goddess and the Green God of the Forest.
    • MONDAY: Breakfast and farewell Cost with food and lodging 150 € – from age 14 up until Sunday, 210 € until Monday.
    • If you need a discount due to family or low income, write to us, and also if you can contribute to grants for those in need. Bring: Towel, candles, torches, rain jacket, country and ritual clothes (light green or yellow for this occasion), and anything you need for a specific diet.
    • Please let us know if you are a vegetarian.

If this is your first time, dare to meet new people in a warm and welcoming setting! All you need to bring is a desire to get to know yourself a little better. If you participate occasionally, come spend more time in union, weaving the tribe! If you have decided to train as a priest or priestess, let us know and be a part of the ritual team, learning to handle the group energy, create harmony and a healing space, completing your Yearly Circle! Bring your family, children, and friends—our gatherings are open to everybody.

Peti Songcatcher:

” I’m a Witch, I’m a Singer, I’m a Traveler, and live in the Northern Part of Germany in the woods; enjoy very much the cycle of life in nature and in my own one. I am mother and grandmother, this circle is perfect in my life and I love it. One fine day I found this sentence in a flyer: “Maybe this camp will change your life” – I couldn’t resist and joined in my first ‘Hexencamp’, the European Loreley Reclaiming Witchcamp in the Netherlands. Since that time I attended many Camps – Spanish Wintercamp, Dreamroads, Free Activist Witchcamp – as participant, organizer, supporter and teacher. I see myself as a webspinner, love to support and to hold the web, to be a part of our lovely community wherever I am. And yes, I love to sing, to share songs and magic, to bring people together, to instigate and to manifest. My magical name is ‘songcatcher’ – and I am looking forward to sing and share with you and you and you, very soon. I’m so excited and grateful!”