2013 – english

9th Internacional RECLAIMING camp in Spain – 5th to 7th of april 2013
with Halo from British Reclaiming and Morgaine and Sainda from Reclaiming Spain

Come to our enchanted camp-place in the woods of the Gredos mountains where faeries gather under ancient trees… See the eagles circling… hear them cry… Drink clear water from the local well… Smell lovely food… get nourished and inspired… enjoy simplicity and good company with witches from allover Europe… Celebrate joy and ecstasy in community… Start to build and renew relationships that may last for a lifetime…

Light Her fire!

There are many surprises and wonders, there is much to experience and explore. You will learn to see with new eyes and learn about your special gifts. You will find out how to use them in order to heal yourself, your relationships, your community and the earth. As a traveller on the the way of the heart and truth, you will be able to build strong connections and alliances with others who also follow this path.

Already springtime, we might expect good weather already, and work mostly outside at this beautiful, wild place with nature-meditation-techniques, storytelling, trance, singing, drumming, ritual, painting, tarot, exercises from the Reclaiming Tradition, methods from the Healing Powers of Dance and much more… In the afternoons you are invited to deepen your experiences in your affinity-group, train and express your special skills during the optional offerings. Or perhaps you feel called to contribute to one of our rituals. There is a lot of space for spontaneity, creativity, hugs, kisses, laughter and fun! There are workshops on Saturday and Sunday morning and the Spring Ceremony on Saturday night. The story we will work with, is still between the worlds – soon it will be revealed!

The place we will be this year is in Gredos mountains, tribe’s land, lodging is camplike, please bring sleeping bags. The food – full pension – is included.

Transport: We are around 2 hours from Madrid by car and public bus. When you register, we help you to find the easiest way to travel.

Information: write to morgaine.magiacelta@yahoo.es

Camp language is Spanish and English, all will be translated by our wonderful translator and priestess of Iberia JANA DE MADRID. We also speak German.

Sainda  I have always been rebeling against womens’ social roles. I am curious, a bit hiperactive maybe, I sang in a Pop group, and played theatre for some years. I am Massage teacher and Healing Therapist with Gem Stones. I studied Natural medicine and organic farming. This multicolored path that has been mine, is the one which brought me where I am today, working for healthy and free sexuality, which is empowered by women – professionally by the project “Los placeres de Lola” and personally, with the womens’ circles in the Reclaiming Movement.

Jana de Madrid
Priestess of Iberia and offering her skills as both, Priestess and Translator

Halo  “Hey lovelies. I’m an enchantress; I strive through work and play to bring the Fae closer to our hearts, to bring enchantment into our everyday life and to light the mundane world up with delight! I’m a student teacher in Reclaiming, a Feri student and a long-time Witch of Fae ways. Let us find our hearts and bring our Delight into the world around us, let us Enchant our lives together and, in doing so, heal the world through Joy! Can’t wait to Work and Play with you!”