Glauca Carmen Román – English

I have always been fascinated by nature and its many expressions. Observing, perceiving, feeling how every one of its states, my own internal states, were a mirror to reflect myself . That’s how I became aware that everything is in constant motion and that one cycle is succeeded by another, round and round with no beginning and no end. This led me to investigate other traditions whose vision and perception of the world were similar to mine, as the Celtic culture or American Indian. There was also a strong desire to find other people who feel similar and close in the way they feel and live the earth and its cyclical wisdom.
But we know that everything comes at the right moment. And so, at the beginning of the new millennium I met my sister and journey companion Morgaine Sheluxx, close to her, and accompanied by a beautiful circle of women, I began my journey through Reclaiming tradition.
This was the beginning of a fascinating stage discovering natural magic, celebrating in the warmth of the tribe, sharing earthy work, diving into the world of women, and full harmonization with the natural, internal and external cycles.
I have studied Gestalt Therapy, Integrative Psychology and Enneatypes and Naturopathy. I am a Researcher of the Goddess Tradition and the Feminine Archetypes, and now I prepare myself to become Doula. Founder of Cyclic Women´ Collective.

These latest  years I am  facilitating Women’s Circles and workshops , offering a space for  expansion and deepening in feminine wisdom through the connection with our uterus, The knowledge and conscious-making of our menstrual cycle, and the recovery of healthy archetypes that represent ourselves.

Both in group and individual therapy, I walk together with every woman who wants to start a self-knowledge path, deepening in and healing her femininity.

Finally my work is to accompany another human being in its own process either psycho- emotional, spiritual and / or physical towards wellness, allowing the sacred to be present in that support, with full attention and intention, encouraging  magic to touch every action we perform in our day to day basis.