IMG_1009 Jennifer Ramsay centredI am a Storyteller. The seed of this trade was planted in my heart in Scotland, my native country, when as a young girl I discovered the wonderful world of stories. Nowadays I travel deep into the vast world of symbols and archetypes through my training in Art Therapy Gestalt, Symbolic Psychodrama of Stories and in SAT (Psychology of the Enneagram, Claudio Naranjo).

My life is pure creativity, inspired in the dawn of civilization, when we gathered around the fire to listen to stories to connect us with our inner selves, our clan and the universe. From there my desire was kindled to connect with my Celtic roots, to synchronize with the energy of the Celtic wheel of the year and to train as a Priestess in the tradition of Celtic Reclaiming.

I feel the call to offer my creativity to serve humanity, to accompany people on their path of self-discovery. I work a lot within the education system in the belief that through ancestral wisdom we can connect with nature and help cultivate a new consciousness based on love and respect towards Mother Earth and all the life she contains.