Sainda – English


manantial Opido Hera

I can’t understand life without magic, without the sacred presence of the Goddess and her Divine Consort.

Ever since I started to question the world I lived in, I felt the call of the Earth, a call to recover our ancestors’ rites and the connection to Life that lies within them.

I read about different traditions, but it wasn’t until I discovered the Reclaiming movement when I felt my soul vibrate with each and every of Starhawk’s words.

I was blessed to meet Morgaine and I have been walking beside her since 2006. She has been my master and she is my friend and sister along The Way

Ever since I was very young I have taken action in feminist associations, for I have always felt the pain caused by gender inequality in our world, since patriarchalism was instaurated.

That was the reason why I decided to develop myself professionally in this direction, and in 2004 I started, together with two friends, the project of what today has become Los Placeres de Lola. It is a space where women can meet , and a focal point for the healing and recovery of women’s sexual energy.

I feel the healing energy of the Crystals deep within me. I have been studying it since 2009 with Beate Sweder and with Alejandra Salatino in Buenos Aires, from whom I learnt the therapy created by the great master Katrina Raphaell.

Nowadays I work as a therapist in crystal energy healing, Reiki Usui and also with quartz bowls.  My curious nature leads me to keep on learning from what life offers everyday.